someone who has brown skin, is smelly, has a full mustache by age 6, and is typically muslim.
get the fuck out of america, you camel jockey!


what's in the backpack camel jockey!?
by aredoublevee September 15, 2008
ADJ./N. See Towel Head, Dune Coo or Apu
Damn Camel Jockey down at the 7-11 stinks like curry!
by c-note January 31, 2005
Usually a young child that rides a camel in the camel races. Also a derogatory term for Arabs.
Shoot that camel jockey before he gets away!
by Fred L. September 18, 2007
Used to describe a turbin wearing individual whether they ride a camel or not.
Look at that fuckin Camel Jockey...what a cocksucker!

The sooner they send these fuckin Camel Jockeys back to Turdistan the better.

Fuck that ignorant stinkin Camel Jockey, he can wait for me to order first!
by dunebuggypilot March 02, 2014
any male of Arbic orgin that rides a camel or any gay arbic
Cameljockey's were making love while riding a camel across the mohomick dessert at sun set.
by djs3874 February 11, 2010
Typically of the Muslim descent, but recently it has been found that all Middle-Eastern people are camel jockeys. They are known to wear turbans and shitty ass robes, also many have poor hi-gene due to the fact of limited resources and very little money. They also enjoy harassing other countries by committing glorious suicide for their bull shit religion.
Camel jockey
by secguy June 24, 2010
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