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A university where the top students go to drink, party and lose their virginity,
Cambridge University: What grades did you get?
Student: AAAA
Cambridge University: Ok are you still a virgin?
Student: Yes
Cambridge University: Ok then you're in. dont worry you'll pop your cherry with a nice organ scholar soon enough!
#cambridge university #virgin #a level #exams #students
by deano2007 April 24, 2007
A large collection of the less well endowed bastards on this earth (Both in a physical and mental sense)
What a cambridge university undergraduate!
#idiot #moron #small #gaylord #wanker #poncey bastard
by Dr. G. Nius, Oxon. November 09, 2006
Second best university in the world, following Harvard. Second best university in the United Kingdom, trailing Oxford. And forever will it be second best.
Boyfriend: You're beautiful. Very beautiful. But I'm looking for a Harvard, you know?
Girlfriend: Excuse me!?
Boyfriend: You see, you're just a Cambridge.
Girlfriend: Cambridge -- Cambridge University?
Boyfriend: Yeah. You see, Britney is an Oxford. You're just not there yet.
#oxford #harvard #cambridge #oxford university #harvard university #cambridge university
by revolting elitist January 31, 2010
A sound uni where we don't tolerate state school scum
The guy who wrote the above definition is a cunt who did not go to Cambridge University
by Tino November 24, 2004
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