A beautiful country with long, deserted golden beaches.....
...deserted due to the huge numbers of landmines.
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Although poor in economic, Cambodia is one of the most beautiful, peaceful country this entire d!mn world.
Garden of Eden..
by AhKaDuiMaeVia April 20, 2004
A country bordering Vietnam that always brought out the worst in black soldiers serving in the Vietnam war.
Sergeant: We're going to be moving into Cambodia tonight.

Token gangsta black soldier: Cambodia? Shiiiiit.
by The Hebrew Hammer August 12, 2005
A women's pleasure spot(s).
My wife's main Cambodia is her pussy, but her tits are also a Cambodia.
by tittyforpleasurez January 23, 2012
Used to be one of the worst countries in the world. Very few of the people there made it over the age of 25, there was severe health problems and a lot of people died of starvation. Though most of these problems went away after the vietnam war. Beautiful too coutry where the Ankor Watt stands
Guy #1: Me and my wife are going to Cambodia this summer i heard its really beautiful
Guy #2: Ok have fun, and don't drink any of the water
by Gregory Slutter June 16, 2004
A very busy and hectic situation or place.

A high level of activity focused in a small area.
There are so many people in the bar - it is Cambodia!
by Aces and Eights February 11, 2007
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