Top Definition
1. a hott babe

someone who is extremely sexy and awesome fun to be around. an absolute sick bitch who is gorjus and charming as hell, generally slightly delusional.
someone: "omg, talk about eye candy"
someone else: "i rection, he is such a cam-dawg"
#sexy #babe #hott #eye candy #cam #sick-bitch
by katie pie hearts cam October 12, 2008
1. an extremely aesthetically pleasing male human, generally very tall and lanky like jack skellington.

2. a really sweet gentleman, a prince charming, someone who is very blandiloquent,
"wow, check out that guy over there, what a babe! he is such a cam-dawg"

person 1: "bye, i hope your day is as wonderful and amazing as you are"
person 2: "aww... you are such an adorable cam-dawg"
#cam #sexy #tall person #walrus #brace face #jack skellington #prince charming #blandiloquent #asthetically pleasing #babe
by some_random_bitch November 04, 2008
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