Crappy ass theatre movie. Usually people just get these to fill time so they can get a better copy.
Man this cam sucks dick.
by blackanon June 13, 2004
a suffix that means camera
by 148master November 20, 2004
someone who is a total pervert that preys on little girls that live in completely other states, will date anything with a vagina, including and especially your ex fat and ugly, and is hated by everyone.
guy 1: dude, you know that guy john? he went after this super ugly chick that lives in like arizona or something!!

guy 2: dude, hes such a cam.
by chicbearsfn March 03, 2009
Originally known in slang for "crying and masturbating" mainly used for attention getting video camera whores and sluts.For definite meaning refer to mac as well.

mac spelled backwards is cam

used in slang for
"crying art of masturbation"

by accidental creation March 08, 2008
Cuntacious Anal-dwelling Mollusc:

Will usally suck dick for free with the suction of a high power vacum or go to a gar bar and be thrown out for being to gay; Also usally a carrier of hiv,hep C and gonerea/herpies.

Dude did you see leigh? Man he's such a cam.
by lerer December 07, 2008
slang for crusty ass muncher
crusty ass muncher cam is loved by many for her disgusting fading tatooed like a slut eyebrows and douching on tha daily
by accidental creation March 08, 2008
camel ciggarettes preferably turkish blends
hey man did you pick up some cams at park hills for me?
by Lawson_opp March 05, 2006

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