Female that loves to display her meat on webcam. Usually uglier than they think they are, their pathetic life consists of showing off their meat.
Melissa is one of those camwhores. I saw her online the other day displaying her fat ass.
by sweetghy June 27, 2009
A person who is obsessed with taking pictures of themself. This does not mean they are self obsessed. They usually love being in front of Cameras, Webcams, Video Cameras... ect. See Synonyms at Dan14Lev
"That dude takes pics of himself and posts it on Deviant Art and he's such a cam whore."
by Dan14Lev November 16, 2004
Originally defined as girls who take infinite pictures of themselves being, the term has now also included girls who broadcast live or vlog on a regular basis (adapting to newer technology.)

Girls, usually of high school age, broadcast themselves in live and recorded video in an attempt to be showered with compliments by online strangers in a chat or comments section with things like "omg you're so hot." This method allows the girl to feed her incredible natural insecurities without having to be face to face with online stalkers.

Common "fishing for compliments" techniques are:

1. Saying things like "I look horrible today"
2. Putting on a ton of eye makeup, yet trying to appear that getting on video was impromptu
3. Making sure that the camera is framed properly so that cleavage is showing
4. Doing the cliche "smiling yet looking off to the side" look

Camwhores have no substance, only looks. Sometimes they will try to appear to have witty insight on sage-like advice about life or current events, but in the end it is all about craving attention and compliments.

The best thing to do when you spot a camwhore online is to not feed it. Doing so will only perpetuate the behavior.
V-Logging Youtube camwhores always make sure cleavage is visible in the thumbnails in order to attract horny men to click on the videos.
by Shulak August 17, 2010
Someone who adds their photo to emo on urbandictionary
camwhore 1: i'm bored
camwhore 2: let's go on urbandictionary and add our photos to the emo definiton!
camwhore 1: YES! that's such a good way to pass the time!
by BOB pwns all October 25, 2006
A bitch with nothing better to do than set up a crap website with a webcam and blog.

The blog part is quite pointless as no-one cares what is happening in this dirty slut's life, or how she feels.

The webcam? Equally pointless. The only people who want to see these nude (or nearly nude) photos are perverts and fucked up lesbians who can't get a girl.

Having said that, the whole website is pointless. Why not put your unwashed body into some CLOTHES (seems alien, but a lot of people wear them nowadays) and shut that site down NOW!
Camwhore: Oh boy! The end of school bell! Time to give those lesbians and pervs a reason to get up in the morning!

Normal girl: What a camwhore! No wonder she can't get a boyfriend!
by Tiffin July 11, 2005
Anyone who poses nude (or close to it) on the internet is video chat rooms. Some take action requests (like performing sexual acts on themselves) and/or get paid.
I went to ifriends.com and had a chat session with this cam whore. I told her to stick a beer bottle in her cunt, and she did! Too bad it cost me $3 a minute.
by SayItLikeItIs May 18, 2005
A girl (not usually guys) who takes many, many pictures of herself in compromising positions. The cam whore would then post the pictures on her blog, myspace, a forum, etc. Usually has a sad or apathetic look on her face. Gains popularity from her fans. Images are usually not very good quality, so she can post more without feeling embaressment, for the viewers cannot see her ugly side.
Girl 1: Have you seen Sarah's pictures on her MySpace? It's disgusting!
Girl 2: Hell yeah. That cam whore is buddies with 40 year old men.
by Disclaimed August 22, 2007

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