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A large wad of money. Lotsa cheese, Lots of dough.
The guy rolls up with a calzone in his pocket and starts making it rain all over the strippers.
by DBruch October 29, 2010
A pizza turnover, very good.
Sbarros makes good calzones, I can't stand the spinach and cheese ones.

I do like the sausage or pepper and cheese calzones.
by Saints September 23, 2003
A tidy, well-presented vagina. Often found hairless, or with neatly-trimmed hair. The lips are firmly shut revealing little of the inner vaginal tissue.

See opposite: Doner kebab
Colin removed her pants and was delighted to discover that beneath her underwear lay a calzone.
by calzonesearcher69 November 14, 2010
the defenition of lurk; lurk master.
damn you got calzoned.
by LoLuMaD August 29, 2007
Racial slur for Italians dating back to the 1800s, also a food.
Domenic is a stupid calzone.

Domenic is eating a calzone.
by Fergdogaaa June 06, 2010
calzones (kahl-sown-ehs) Underwear, Also chones (choe-nehs) or (chonees)
" Just a minute, keep your chones on."
by J5 February 27, 2003
When a guy ejaculates into a girl's vagina, then she crawls on top of him and squeezes the man-goo out onto his chest, not unlike squeezing a cheese calzone.
That bitch got so mad when I came in her that she calzoned me.
by D-Lav November 13, 2007