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The System of theology, defined by John Calvin, emphasizing the sovereignty of God over the free will of man, in which God undoubtedly and effectually saves His elect.
Calvinism alone is the gospel and nothing else.
by Evan May May 31, 2005
97 52
Christian creed that really makes God out to be a child abuser who favors one child above the other. The one who he does not favor is thrown on a highway full of cars and gets his child killed. Upheld by all the Fundamentalist Baptist Cults who claim that "Once saved always saved" BS to give them a license to claim that every single evil thing they do is all for the Glory of God.
Did you hear about that guy who bombed the Kumars house, must be some calvinism followers.
by Handsome Larrie April 02, 2010
46 48