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1. Calcium enriched soft drink produced in Japan. Encompasses a fairly large product line wich includes carbonated and fruit flavored versions of the drink along with candy and frozen desserts. The most common version of the drink is "Calpis Water," which appears as a milky white liquid similar to milk, yet has a starchy sweet taste and a slightly acid aftertaste.

2. Japanese slang term for ejaculate.
This Calpis tastes funny.
Ore no calpis nonderu yo!
by Susumu November 08, 2004
Milky, semen-like water-based soft drink from Japan. Not as odd tasting as Pocari Sweat and not as amusingly named either although it does sound a bit like 'cow piss' I suppose.
Hey, fancy some of my cow piss?

No thanks, I have a bottle of sweat here.
by Miles Pieri February 02, 2004
1. nummy drink
Calpis water is an ANGELLLL!
by APoC February 26, 2003
Kalpalinna Ski & Mountain biking resort is now known as Calpis Cross Center, shortly Calpis. For more information .
Kalpalinna > Kalpis > Calpis
by Tom Merilahti December 12, 2003
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