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Having beutifull porportioned buttox.
"Hey, check out this callipygous"
by Eltray September 08, 2005
to have beautifully proportioned buttocks.

it can also be used as a noun (callipygia), and someone who is callipygous can be described as a callipygian
dag! look at her - she's so callipygous!

wooooah! did you see her callipygia?

you know kim? she's quite the callipygian.
by pooshu August 03, 2006
A male or female haveing incredibly beautifully proportioned buttocks.
Pete-"Your just jelous of my callipygous"
Elliot- *moment of silence* what the...
by Meave Haters United April 30, 2005
When a particular female has a particularly nice...... "trunk"....aka....a nice ass
Bobby can't help but stare at every callipygous girl that walks by.
by Johnson Chicklet July 14, 2008