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A male or female haveing incredibly beautifully proportioned buttocks.
Pete-"Your just jelous of my callipygous"
Elliot- *moment of silence* what the...
by Meave Haters United April 30, 2005
to have beautifully proportioned buttocks.

it can also be used as a noun (callipygia), and someone who is callipygous can be described as a callipygian
dag! look at her - she's so callipygous!

wooooah! did you see her callipygia?

you know kim? she's quite the callipygian.
by pooshu August 03, 2006
When a particular female has a particularly nice...... "trunk"....aka....a nice ass
Bobby can't help but stare at every callipygous girl that walks by.
by Johnson Chicklet July 14, 2008
Having beutifull porportioned buttox.
"Hey, check out this callipygous"
by Eltray September 08, 2005