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The urge one sometimes experiences to masterbate. Some people when they have to use the bathroom say they need to answer the call of nature, so when one gets an "urge", they can say they need to answer the call of the wild.
I gotta answer the call of the wild
by Maxx69 February 09, 2008
When someone has drunk a lot in an evening, orders that one drink too far, takes a sip, places it on the bar and walks out without any goodbyes or acknowledgement to anyone.
Person 1: Where's Steve?
Person 2: I don't know, maybe he left. He was pretty far gone.
Person 1: Probably answered the Call of the Wild.
by Bruhaha November 20, 2011
The urge to have sex.
This chick I'm trying to date has been teasing me for a month. I'm starting to feel the call of the wild.
by mynameisb October 03, 2009

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