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Derived from the French word for chalice, "calisse" is a common swear in French Canadian vocabulary. Contrary to the popular belief that only Quebecors use it, it is widely used and understood by French Canadians from coast to coast, but mostly in Quebec, Northern and Eastern Ontario, and New Brunswick. It can be used as a noun, a verb and has other uses as well. The level of vulgarity of this blaspemic swear differs from region to region.

-"Le calisse était soul." The fukker was drunk.
-"Et il m'a calissé une belle vollée" And he gave me a swift punch in the face.
-"Pi ca a faite mal en calisse!!" And it hurt like fukk!!
-"Calisse!" FUKK!
-"Attend que je l'pogne le p'tit calisse" Just wait until I get my hands on the fukker.
by J-Y October 11, 2007
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Curse used by french quebecers. Also is a golden cup used by catholic priests. During ceremonies, it is used to drink the wine.
ha ben calisse !
by Funny Surfin October 27, 2003
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Multifaceted French Canadian word. In the same league as Ostie, Tabarnak, Sacrament, Criss. Comes from a deformation of the Christian religion word Chalice.
Can be used interchangeably in any blasphemous phrase such as:

"Criss de tabarnak de sacrament d'ostie d'câlisse..." or
"Câlisse qui fait frette" (it is freaking cold) or
"Câlisse de cave" (You're/He is fuc&?*#% stupid) or
"Câlisse que j'ai faim" (I'm fuc&?*#% starving)
by toecap April 29, 2013
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