Someone native to California and most likely eats Rice-a-Roni, goes to art school, attends peace protests, and likes the cock.
God damn he's gone californian
by Ben Saylor June 08, 2003
An ignorant, beady-eyed valley boy who speaks Pauly Shore.
Shutup you stupid Californian.
by biffola December 07, 2003
One who loves experimenting with the same sex and performs a genre of music known as Emocore.
"You faggot-ass Californian!"
by Jay November 13, 2004

All of the losery people from all other 49 states who all migrate to Cali to become trendy fagz and get on the Cali bandwagon.

a bunch of trendy ass little punks

fashion nazis

Californians are fucking up the earth.
by the earth April 15, 2005
stupid hicks turning the whole world into a bunch of carnies and side-show freaks
heavy metal music and california faggy-ness has turned everyone into a bunch of filthy disgusting inbred hillbillies
by u stupid fashionistas May 16, 2004
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