a pubic depilatory treatment that removes all the hair from the pubic area rather than leaving a landing strip brazilian
nice Californian you got there Tracey!
by snicksnacknicerack June 11, 2005
pronounced cal- ee- for- nyan or (if you're Aahnold) kah- lee- for- nyahn

1. someone who vehemently hates their governator
2. incorrectly stereotyped
3. correctly stereotyped
1. WTF... Aahnold!!!!
2. stick it up your ass.
3. like *giggle* dude that is like so, like, whacked, and stuff.
by california & proud of it, damnit! December 22, 2003
A shaved landing strip of a females pubic region
That girl's gone Californian
by Liam October 24, 2003
A selfish, rude, crude and obnoxious five-star asshole.
The scumbag driving the Ford F-350 passed me doing 90, cut me off and then flipped me the bird. Definitely a Californian.
by The Fuck You Soul Brother October 18, 2003
pimp ass nigga that will take your hoe any day..
by jigga-nigga October 05, 2003
Someone who went to Summer camp: mountian climbing, horse back riding. a dork
I meet this hot girl today.. then she told me she was a californian.. i was like never mind
by ink_dup November 01, 2007
Californians = The best and strongest group of people in the 50 states.(51 after we take over Iraq) :D
Guy1: I'm from some cool state other than California
Guy2: I'm Californian
Girl: Cum here California and have sex with me.

(U are a fucking idiot if you think California is a bad place.)
Even though we are going through an apocalypse in Oct. 2007 with earthquakes and fires.
by Coolpimp October 31, 2007

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