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A type of English, per say, southern California natives use consisting of the words "like", "totally", "so", "ya know", "freakin'", “um”, and "oh my gosh/god/goodness"; the sentences we speak are usually seemingly run-on and often extremely exaggerated for effect. These words are typically accompanied with a hair flip for girls. We pretty much live up to our stereotypes, but that’s okay because Californians are rad <3
girl 1: oh. my. god. did you see that girl with like her fake hair extensions?
girl 2: yeah, oh my gosh, it's soooooooooooo freakin' ugly, like ew, gross, who would ever do that?
girl 1: I know right?! Let’s just go I can’t like handle this anymore
girl 2: yeah, let’s
*simultaneous hair flip from both girls*
^and that, my dears, is californian english
by WEST COAST BEST COAST (SOCAL) February 24, 2014
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