What the world thinks they are like: Cute, sexy, outgoing, basically your dream girl. The sad reality is

1. They are fake, made of plastic. (How did they get so much money for surgery when they can barely buy anything at Wal-Mart?)
2. Generally assholes who are self centered and thinks because they are from California, they are somehow goddesses to be worshiped. Sad enough girls in the Mediterranean are more natural looking and are not brain dead due to Mainstream overdose
3. Want them to be your girlfriend? I give you 3 days until she looks at another sad loser.
4. Too much fucking make up. Do you really have to look like a clown to be considered "hot"? They say girls with too much make up have esteem issues...
5. Oh wow, for some reason any person who has an understanding of History, Science, Arts & Literature, and wants to succeed in life are looked down. Not surprising the Leftist heaven of California is the 3rd most retarded state in the nation (And as a Centrist-Left, oh so ashamed!)
6. AIDS.
7. "Rock music fucking sucks, it's white music even though Chuck Berry is fucking black"
I went to California for a vacation after my days in good ol' Uruguay only to find that the people of California are generally assholes who are self centered and Anti-intellectuals. They think I need to be brown skinned because according to them, South Americans are mestizos just because they've seen Mexicans, but never Costa Rican (White), Dominicans (Mulatto), Peruvian (Native) or Latin America as a whole. They also think they are objects of worship and end up breeding from wedlocks after dating 400 men. I am glad I did not fall for the California girl trap, I did end up with a beautiful Australian girl in the end.
by Emnesity September 21, 2010
Top Definition
The east coast girls are hip- I really dig those styles they wear. The southern girls with the way they talk- they knock me out when I'm down their. The midwest farmer's daughter's really make you feel alright. And the northern girls, with the way they kiss- they make they're boyfriend's feel alright.

I been all around this great big world
And I seen all kinds of girls
Yeah, but I couldn’t wait to get back in the states
Back to the cutest girls in the world
I wish they all could be California girls...
A great song by the Beach Boys.
by Myajd jdg July 25, 2005
everything your gf isn't

Fun, attractive, adventurous, smart, dreamgirl, knows how to dance, glistening body, always looks cute
Girl: Where are you from?
Boy: Texas
Girl: I bet you wish you had a California girl, they don't make girls like that here in Texas
by Cali Lovin June 25, 2010
Considered by many to be the epitome of what a girl should be, California girls are most often found in California, though can sometimes be found in other states after having moved from California.

Rumored to have awesome skills in the sack, but very few brains.
"California girls, best in the world, best in the back seat, so let's get fucking nasty" California - Hollywood Undead
by JizzJackRabbit May 18, 2009
a stereotyped image. yes most girls are tan ( because of the sun and warm weather), but most girls aren't the ditzy stereotype. Most aren't rich, i live in san diego and i dont know any rich people. we like to have fun and laugh a lot. besides, if were so ditzy and terrible, why does everyone want to be/ date us? they make songs about us. noone cares about a montana girl ( no offense). we are fun loving, happy, and smart girls that are blessed with the sun and good skin/ good bodies. so dont be jealous!
Urma- Wow! Your so pretty! and so sun-kissed! How did you do out here in rhode island?

Kristina- I spent a lot of time at the beach when i lived in San Diego, that southern cali weather is just so amazing!

Urma- Your such a California Girl, always fun-loving and happy
by Krystal11 August 18, 2010
Stereotype: easy, dumb, tan, hot blonde.

Reality: Well, that stereotype's mostly a Southern Cali girl...But there's actually a lot more diversity in California, not just white girls. In Northern California the girls are generally smarter, and not as tan, but still really hot. Everyone's friendly in California. They don't go to the beach every day, though. Although there are a fair share of blondes, I think the best thing about California girls is there's so much diversity, so there a lot of different girls to choose from. They're not all that easy to get, though.
Person 1: dude, look at that blonde slut! she looks like an wasy lay, must be a California girl !!

Person 2: okay, have you ever actually gone to California? there are way more dumb blondes in the midwest, why do you associate that whore with California?

Person 1: haven't you heard the katy perry song??

Person 2: ...
by mypseudonymisanonymous April 20, 2011
A girl from the Golden State. Not necessarily blonde, super tan, or rich. Contrary to popular opinion (or at least the opinion shared by many insecure, whiny chicks who aren't fortunate enough to be from this culturally and economically diverse state), we don't all think we're better than everyone. Truth be told, the average California girl is a lot more confident than most females. I think a little bit of that comes from being portrayed by the media as, basically, the sexiest women on Earth. If the rest of the world thinks we're so awesome, there must be at least a little truth to that, right? Like all women, every California girl is beautiful in her own way. And no, we're not all super ditzy! Hahah.
Guy: Oh, so you're a California girl? You seem really smart, though...
Chick: I'm from California, and I'm smart. Those qualities are in no way related.
by imerikaandihatetoes January 21, 2012
the most beautifu and spoiled and smart people in the world
i was born and will always be one of those california girls.
by emmi 4 yo face February 06, 2008
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