The only state where the Terminator can be the governor.
California is building as many high fences as possible to keep all the Mexicans from illegally crossing. They would sacrifice their children's lives to keep illegal Mexicans from crossing.
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007
A pretty good state that has (mostly) nice weather, lots of things to do, lots of people, and delicious taco shops.

It is often stereo-typed with what is seen on reality shows, like partying, bleached-blonde girls, plastic surgery, etc., but in reality, those are a meager percent of the population.
Non-Californian: Ew, California is really pathetic. There's 36D-Cup women partying all day, celebrities everywhere, and a million rich snobs!

Californian: Have you been watching reality television?
by Florida native December 20, 2008
California was one of the best place in America, if not the world, still is. Ever since Grey Davis was in, he had approved abundant of funding that were what lead us to here today. We got used to the huge amount of funding from the state, and hereafter we do not wish to lose them. With the enormous amount of debts that California is finally in, we still would not like to have some of the funding to be cut and taxes not to be raised.

Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot be judged for not doing anything. He had no choice but to cut funding to make up the small proportions of the debts that we owe. Most of the Californians do not wish to have the taxes increase and eliminate some of the funding; the people in the Sacramento will not be able to do anything.

California once again become proper and free of debt. Good luck to the troops in oversea. George W. Bush needs to start thinking of a way to help United States than sending our beloved troops out to save other lives. God blesses America and the World.
Steven: There is still hope for California.
Keith: I love California, the beaches, etc.
Arnold: We are in serious raising taxes, no cutting funding. What the hell am I suppose to do?
Davis: Keep passing the bills!
G Bush: Next up on, Canada. Oh wait...shhh....
by Ahkihiro January 01, 2006
The best place in the world
Chad: "so where are you going this summer"
Dawn:"the best place in the world"
Chad:"California is the f*cking best"
by .Salacious February 12, 2009
it has been said that when you have been driven out of every where else just cause you are you ..that you find your self in California, and with the Pacific ocean to your back and beautiful California in front of you ...then you can take on the world..all of it..
California is my home..Colorado is not..
by DaynaS May 24, 2008
A beautiful and diverse state who's literal meaning refers to a Paradise. It is harshly judged by people who either never lived here & base all their ideas about it from MTV reality shows,


Have only visited the more priviledged areas of Southern California ie Orange County, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, L.A, etc. If you choose to limit your visit to the rich area of ANY region, you're going to get snobs & fakes. COMMON SENSE people.

~Newsflash: L.A and San Francisco do NOT represent the whole state and are not the only worthwhile places here.

~We don't all drive Ferraris and freeload off our rich parents. We have POOR people too. You know Hollister? That is just some poor shitty town nowhere near a beach....all you out of staters wearing that stuff thinking it makes you a surfer and cool? It doesnt. It's just a brand that capitalizes off your ignorance.

California is NOT a gigantic beach. We dont all live near the beach . We don't all surf...hell I can't even swim.

All that said, we ARE a beautiful diverse state. And I'd rather be broke here than wealthy anywhere else.
Out-of-Stater: Californians are so fake and snobby and full of fruits
Californian: Well have you been to any part of California besides L.A or San Francisco?
Out-of-Stater: No
Californian: *punch*
by TrinityOfYonderParadise July 02, 2010
A State thats pretty much like every other state, yet for some reason people pick on it more than any other state in the union. Talk about a jealous bunch
California fucking rocks. But so does every other state. Now shut the fuck up and go to work.
by Cow July 05, 2003
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