State full of retards who are all a bunch of airheaded,bleach-blonde,satanists.
Just flush this motherfucker.Come on big one!
by stupid fags February 19, 2005
A crappier version of Florida
California has oranges, and beaches, but Florida has a longer coastline, and better oranges.
by EJ Rankin February 08, 2004
A state full of dirty,immoral communists.
California is a state full of dirty,immoral communnists and it makes me sick.
by I shit on California October 21, 2004
Personal homestate, with a cool governer but shitty everything else. Positive sterotypes fail to come through yet all negative sterotypes apply.
American #1: Let's nuke California.
Californian: But our chicks are hot and we surf and stuff.
Former Californian: First part is untrue, second part simply gives a better reason for the bombing. Nuke the shit.
Californian: But we're diverse.
American #2: Not like immigrants will stop coming in anyway.
General American Population: Nuke the shit.
Self-Hating Calfornians: Nuke the shit.
by Mike Ward November 16, 2004
Home of the standard tard/ douche bag. Home to the worst cities in the nation- Sacramento, LA, Bakersfield, Stockton, Modesto, Yuba City, Marysville, Fresno, Berserkley, Fairfield, Vacavile, Davis- the list goes on. Spiked hair. Everyone drives Yukons with rims they cant afford. Think it is the center of attention while being the brunt of jokes. Full of racists, gangs, and shitty, ugly places- example Sacrmento. People who cant drive. People who are beyond rude.
I went to that ugly place they call California. On the way I toke a Sacrmento in Fresno.
#sacramento #california #oregon #land park #portland
by MicahD May 04, 2008
Airhead state.

The "dumb jock" state!

The gay state!

The hippie state!
The state where retards have their pants hanging off their ass.
by poop on you fagz September 09, 2004
A joke, a place where we recall governors for fun and replace them with movie stars who can’t speak.
Gray Davis
by Caffeinecrazed12 November 19, 2003
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