gay , queer , homosexual , fruity , funboys
california is full of gay queer homosexual fruity funboys
by eat shit and die September 10, 2006
Adjective: used to describe people, things or actions that are not authentic.
1) Don't hug me if you're going to give me california hugs.

2) Yuck. This fat-free chicken tikka masala served on a bed of iceberg lettuce is so california-Indian.

3) Heh, don't you just love her new california nose?
by Blossom August 11, 2005
The shittiest place west of the mississippi. Dumb fucking people everywhere, shitty air, and LIBERALS. There's so many fucking liberals, it makes a country boy feel like Hillary Clinton at a NRA convention.
God I can't wait till i can get of this shithole aka california and get up to montana.
by FastCR August 31, 2005
a state that is pretty much screwed thanks to arnold
i guess ur already screwed if u voted for him in the first place
by killzac vol 1 June 05, 2004
a screwy state that is a shame to america. many californians have poor oral skills, reflecting their mere stupidity. california especially is known for various childish ethnic gangs, which brawls and drive-bys is a common scene.
No wonder Jimmy is so stupid, he is from California!
by stein September 25, 2003
Full of liberals.

Don't vote this down bitch, cause it's true.
California is a great state, but the liberals ruin it.
by Alice Cooper #8 March 17, 2006
Blind devotion to bad behaviour.
see the nazi party etc.
by hippies smell October 19, 2004

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