state with smog and stuff
"I hate california "
"yeah it sucks"
"lets move to michigan!"
by Dan (from michigan) September 19, 2004
cali the greatest place you can ever be one of the biggest hip hop centers in the world
born and raised in cali now located in las vegas nevada what a shame i have shamed my state
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
The state with the <i>second</i> longest beach in the continental United States, following Washington State (that's north for those of you educated by the California educational system).
Long Beach is almost as long as Long Beach.
by Othello June 10, 2004
Any type of mundane food , dressed up to look fancy with avocado and ranch dressing
"Dude, let me have a California Burder."
by avo lover March 12, 2005
State of the unexpected
Where's the sunshine for godsake?
by fo my pizz da playa December 27, 2003
A gigantic pit of stinking hippies and yuppie assholes who think they're better than everybody else because they drive priuses and believe in the vast scam of global warming. California is also populated by criminals, lunatics and old people. All of them are crazy and should be avoided.

Also has crappy beaches filled with stuck up cunts who think they're the best thing ever and secretly want their daddies to molest them.

Avoid unless you like hollywood fuckwads and vapid selfcentered idiots.

For more eveidance view every other entry on California.

The only good place in California is the fucking desert because at least morons die there.
Don't go to California. The smug will kill you.
by gasmask angel January 25, 2009
A Preety fine lookin girl that looks like shes from california
"yo dude u hit it up with California last night"
"Yeaah Boy! u no i jumped in her ass like a kangaroo"
by kong winters March 15, 2007

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