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A bankrupt state where folks can be classified into five groups: 1) the faggots, 2) the whores, 3) the assholes, 4) the bastards, 5) the junkies.
- Ray how come you came back from California?

- I didn't belong there.

- Are you a racist though?

- No, I just call them as I see them.
by Peter Sniff Jr October 05, 2012
One of the only places where 65° weather is considered freezing.
Californian: Omg, it's FREEZING out here.. I'm about to die bro!!
Average Joe: Uh.. It's 65° ...Get real, "bro."
by BoxersBro October 25, 2010
the most amazing state ever.
i love the California, its so relaxing.
Only state in the union that's more satisfied with itself than Texas, Virginia, and all of the New England States combined.
person A: I'm from California, LOVE ME!!!!
person B: Why are you patting yourself on the back?
by hoboace November 13, 2007
Not a bad state people might think we are, there are no hippies unless you count haight street. We might have liberals but not a lot of them and we don't have muthafucking communists.And not everybody is rich in California hell including me, go to Bayview's Hunters Point and you'll see just how ghetto California can be you dumbasses. So to all of you dumbasses who hate on Cali and have either been here or not pull your head outta your ass. FUCKING LOSERS
Chantal: Don't you just love California
Nikki: Cali is my home state so nebody dissin it better knock that shit off. hehe
by MzChani May 04, 2007
A mythical land depicted in movies, television shows, and other fictional works of the middle 20th century. Seems to have been located in upper Latin America. Was peopled by exuberant, attractive "white persons," a type thought once to have been widespread in the area.

California was consistently represented as prosperous, but this is strictly notional. Present-day inhabitants of the area have found it to be without economic resources.

Compare "Shangri-La."
He: California was so nice. Too bad it never really existed.
She: -- Are you sure?
He: ... Pretty sure.
by John Bonaccorsi February 12, 2009
West side state, Sunny, Home of san diego, LA, the bay,etc. Hyphy was created in the bay, i believe. State on the west side. Most in n outs in the west side usa. In n out was also created in california, I think.
California is a nice state
by Akio. December 27, 2008
1. Bad decision making, to the point of financial collapse
2. To declare bankruptcy
3. A complete misuse of resources, even while having more resources than others
Jerry, despite making $1 million a year, was so California, that he had to sell himself on the streets to make ends meet.
by Just the facts ma'am April 29, 2013