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A bankrupt state where folks can be classified into five groups: 1) the faggots, 2) the whores, 3) the assholes, 4) the bastards, 5) the junkies.
- Ray how come you came back from California?

- I didn't belong there.

- Are you a racist though?

- No, I just call them as I see them.
by Peter Sniff Jr October 05, 2012
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One of the most expensive places to live with out of control spending, development, and crime. It's a myth that you can drive from surf to snow in So-Cal, as it takes 45 minutes just access the freeway. Oh and forget about being neighborly or lending a helping hand on the highway. There are too many over stressed and whacked out soccer moms waiting to mow you down while trying get back to their stucco Monopoly Mansions.

And what's with all the palm trees? I've lived here all my life and to this day I can't figure out why someone decided to import these hideous things that don't even grow here (except the date palms in Coachella.

So, if you want to live in a state with no seasons, Santa Ana winds, wild fires, suffocating taxes, draconian gun laws, spineless law enforcement (Paris Hilton) "special emission standards", more people than Canada and where a 1100 sq ft 2bd house in an "ok" neighborhood will run about $400,000, then by all means, move here.

If you do, I've gotta bridge to sell you so I can make enough money to get the hell out.

Oh yeah, forget the beaches (save for central coast), they are either over run by asshat surfers and Bros who think they have exclusive rights to the ocean or, they've been bought up by rich celebs. So, maybe, if you are lucky, you can sit on the 91, 405, 55 for about 2-3 hours, pay 15 to park in space that took 30 minutes to find, then trudge a 1/4 mile to sit on the hot sand with 500,000 other people that had the same great idea on Saturday.

California sucks.
California Native: "Ive had it, another tax, another school bond, higher gas, I'm cashing in my $300,000 in equity. I'll buy a bigger house out of state and work half as much. See ya suckers!"
by Fartnocker June 11, 2007
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the best state ever. it's not exactly like new york - big city yes, but no new england culture or street vendors. (except those hispanic people selling ice cream or those weird tomato chips.) there are a lot of different ethnic groups of people.

in so cal we have the valley (valley girls) and lotsa gangsta people down south. then there are the party people with their weed & acid, those bad things...but don't get me wrong theres lots of cheesy people ....every state has its losers.

there's the beach, the valley, the ghetto places, beverly hills (those rich people), hollywood, and those really camping/mountain-ish places up north. there's also palm springs, the desert.

WEATHER: yeah the summers are hot. compared to the east coast, our winters are pretty weak.

despite common misconceptions, not everyone in california is blonde or surfer.

plus we have the governator.
1. California is my favorite place in the world...my home and i'll never leave
by city lights March 14, 2007
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-An extremely diverse state filled with pretty much anything and everything. You can go surfing, hang out in the mall, get robbed, and purchase a prostitute, all within 10-15 minutes.
-A place where the ghettos and the suburbs are a block away from each other.
-The birthplace of every single trend and fad ever made (white t-shirts, chuck taylors, pop-n-locking, gangsta rap, krumping, hyphy, Got Rice?, Hollister, and pornography just to name a few).
-Suprisingly home to many different people including gangbangers, hippies, emo kids, rich white people, and as well as rich white emo kids.
-The only state with the Terminator as its governor. Hell Yes!
-A state which everybody hates but gotsta see at least once.
California frickin rocks!
by EnjoiSkater February 26, 2008
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the best ever. the best beaches, best shopping, in and out, hot people, best weather i mean seriously. snow and ocean. you have to go to the noncrummy places like west side la where the runaway mexicans go or whatever to see. malibu is hot. texas sucks.
go to california to live life.
by fdsahrqew November 15, 2003
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Home . the most diverse and fun place on the earth (compared to other countries/states) . great beaches, attractive people, friendly people, LOADS of stuff to do, great amusement parks, great restaurants, has everything (the country, cities, suburbs, beaches, etc .) it has the best weather ever and not to mention it has a tons of songs named after it .
i.e; california by phantom planet, california by hawk nelson, etc .
mom; "i thought you were going to be back in a few weeks . why are you so early to come home from california ?"

daughter; "i went shopping, met the love of my life, went sunbathing, rode a roller coaster, went camping, and went snowboarding all in the same day !"

mom; "wow !"
by DaniCalifornia_ January 24, 2009
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California: A state despite what most people and even native californians think is an actual very diverse place. I myself grew up in Santa Barbara, it is very much a beach town, full of celebrities and rich kids, but also has your typical middle-class families. The weather actually is near perfect except june we get june gloom. Although I lived in Santa Barbara I've traveled up norther california and gone to the forests, I've been snowboarding in Mammoth Mountain, i've visited San Fransico, I've been in inland and gone to bakersfield, and I've visisted small inland California towns where Marilyn Monroe had been named the Artichoke Queen 1947, and I've driven on the highway where James Dean's car accident happened. I've gone down to L.A and honestly does the smog bother you that much? And why let L.A represent all of California. I've been to at least 10 other states, and they honestly don't compare.
Stereotyper:Everyone out in California is so fake.

Me: Since when?

by The Telephone Wires December 26, 2007
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A state that gets a lot of anger from everyone.

No, it's not entirely full of liberals. And not all of us are proud about our governor.

The smog is horrible, driving through LA takes two hours, Hollywood is full of homeless people, the beaches are freezing, and no, not everyone is like the OC.

Those of us who live in Southern California in the suburban areas are privledged, leaving a lot of people very ignorant about the rest of the world. A lot of pathetic child actors, such as in La Canada, home to Hannah Montana, those kids from Everyone Loves Raymond, and The Sixth Sense kid.

There is a lot of immigration, making it a very diverse place to live. And there are homosexuals, too. Big suprise. In fact, CA is incredibly diverse, which leads, in some cases, to less intolerance.

We also have TONS of forest fires, due to the lack of rain. In So Cal, there is rarely rain, and never snow. And the sky is brown over LA from smog.

The OC isn't life. We don't all party in Mexico with our friends and boyfriends. I did, but I was building a home for the poor.

California has a couple of things going for it, though.
We have In 'N Out. It's amazing.
We do have beaches, and mountains, deserts and forests. That's kind of cool.
Person 1: I want to go to California and make my way as an actress!
Person 2: I want to be like those hot kids in the OC!
Person 3: I want to swim all day, and meet movie stars!
CA Person: Yah. I can't breathe because of the ashes and smog.
by annoyedwithCA December 05, 2006
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