A bankrupt state where folks can be classified into five groups: 1) the faggots, 2) the whores, 3) the assholes, 4) the bastards, 5) the junkies.
- Ray how come you came back from California?

- I didn't belong there.

- Are you a racist though?

- No, I just call them as I see them.
by Peter Sniff Jr October 05, 2012
A miserable state consisting of transexual hookers, mexicans, rappers, small-time actors, high taxes, shanty-towns, horrible political system, and overrall disgustingly homosexuals
California is so gay, no wonder they all voted for Schwartzenager, maybe it'll eventually break off of the united states.
by jim morrison October 27, 2003
when a person has gone all the way w/ another person. they have had sex
I went all the way to californis with Justine.
by fonda January 08, 2005
A State full of homosexual ROMANS who worship Satan.

It's funny they make the outrageous claim of being "tree huggers" and yet they've chopped down every tree in sight and all that's left is to do is shoot eachother on the freeway.

They also make the outrageous claims of being enlightened,rational,tolerant etc.

Yet if you disagree with them they'll fuckin cap your ass.

And oh yeah they also say guns are bad.
haha haha hahah haha ha...
by Peter Griffin March 10, 2005
A retarded politically run state. So retarded to recall governor for an actor with NO political experience. Also a state known to pass 'stupid' laws.
Jake: Hey, did you know you can't use out of state driver's license to write personal checks in Kalifornia?
Ted: Yeah, it's so retarded. I've been to New York, Pennsylvania, Washington State and Hawaii...all accept out-of-state drivers license for ID.
Jake: Gosh...can't wait till Kalifornia sinks.
by LA hater October 11, 2003
A crappy, try-hard version of Australia that claims to have the best beaches in the world (pfft!) yeah if yellowy dirty sand is your thing then fine...i much prefer the soft, long, white sandy beaches of Australia with perfect waves (that are actually surfable) unlike that gay shit you call a beach in California...hahaha and what surfers are actually surfers in California? There is no such thing as a REAL surfer in California! So quit blapping on about all your O.C pretty, rich people shit, coz there are pretty rich people everywhere (not just in California ok!)and as a matter of fact people are more liberal and free in Australia than they are in California...so you're not that fucking great! California is more like the home of wannabe surfers, loser skater-punks, hardcore gangstas and plastic surgery gone bad!
Ricky from L.A: "Yo Man! Sup dawwwg! wanna catch some trippin waves??"

Bob from Australia: "fuck off cunt, i'll fuckin knock ya one if you talk that shit again..Fuckin wanker!"
by u r cool April 10, 2005
Laughing stock. pathetic excuse for a state.

state whose people are dumb enough to want an actor as their governor.
Don't send me to california, i'd rather go to hell.
by california knows how to suck October 04, 2003
The 2nd best state in the U.S. behind NY
lets got to california, nah f*ck cali.......NY NIGGA!!!!!!
by Anonymous October 11, 2003

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