the worst freakin place in the world!
filled with extremely fake,self absorbed,dumbass bitches who think they are the shit when in reality they are just stupid fakes who need to get over themselves.they all think they are so cool by saying hella and using like after every other word..def not cool, just extremely stupid.seriously get out of your little bubble and realize that california is not the only place in the world..there are much better places than cali freakin fornia.East Coast all the way!
(dumb californian girl 1)Like omg lets go shopping for some new juicy couture jackets and bags!
(dumb californian girl 2)Okayy!that sounds hella fun!
(dumb californian girl 1)wait hold on!!!
(dumb californian girl 2)why?
(dumb californian girl 1)I just broke my nail and some of my tan is coming off on my clothes!
(dumb californian girl 2)Oh i like hate when that happens!ok we will like just do hella shopping tomorrow then!duhh!
by eastcoastchick June 27, 2010
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1. State the produces more food than anywhere else, has crazy night life, large schools, hot women, a load of stuff to do, and a the longest beach anybody has ever seen.
2. A place you'll want to stay in once you visit get there.
3. Extremely diverse.
3. Much more entertaining than Texas.
by Surferdood September 21, 2003
A state where it takes an hour to get from the beach to the snowcapped mountains.
What did you do today in california?
I surfed and went snowboarding
by Alex Kohl September 14, 2005
1. Good Weather
2. Great Beaches
3. Hot People
4. Home to Orange County
5. Usually made fun of by people in land-locked states with shitty weather and ugly hicks who fantasize about fucking the cast of "the o.c."
you wish you had the terminator as your governor
by CRUSH April 09, 2004
Best state ever. Makes every other state look like crap
Our governer can kick your governers ass.
by vikadin January 07, 2005
Extremely diverse place, you can find all kinds of people here. rich Republicans from Orange County, crime-ridden areas in South Central LA, rednecks, white trash in Riverside and San Bernardino County, surfers and hot girls along the coastal cities, beautiful but somewhat dangerous city of San Francisco, one of the best cities in the world San Diego, and great scenary in the Northern area, desert wasteland in Death Valley and Arizona border...
California is the weirdest state in US
by vinny February 13, 2005
land that endures the verbal abuse of other states and nations while still welcoming the dreams and aspirations of other states and nations. Impossible to stereotype, yet often the subject of the crulest stereotypes.
Born and raised in California - I have never hugged a tree, and neither criticise others who do.
by Pandrake November 02, 2004
my favorite place in the world!
"i can't wait to move back to california!"
by i hate hilary duff November 07, 2004
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