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When a male (usually a teenager) masturbates too much and his penis appears red due to skin loss.
KHALIL: Hey man, I masturbated like five times today.
CODY: Yeah, your dick looks like a California Redwood.
by Vinny Porrello December 11, 2007
real thick thighs that look like dem big trees they be driving through in California. You know what I'm talkin bout?
Damn! Dat gurl thick! She got dem California redwoods too cuz!
by A_cizzle May 22, 2006
June, July, August Redwoods is the place to be! cool nice
the rain in california redwoods keeps mexicans away. Why U ask, " it remove brown stain they become spanish! ". California redwoods is a mexican free zone.

city of " hay fork " is another mexican free zone. Everyone knows your name. hayfork cafe best pie for 50 miles.
by itichie_nocanpo June 24, 2006
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