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You pretend to be a big time movie/record producer. Promise unsuspecting female a big career, drive to the desert for sex and leave her.
Nicole went to LA with promises of a big music career and was duped into a california duster.
by J Rispoli July 16, 2006
California Duster Kal-y-fornia Duhs-ter
1. When one powders the ass crack (powdered sugar,flour) and farts in another person's face.

2. Similar to "Antiquing" but using the expelled gas from a fart to apply the powder.

3. AKA "Colombian Duster". Meaning cocaine is used to powed the ass crack.
My girlfriend asked me for a "California Duster' last night. So i powdered my ass and went for it.
by love0369 October 21, 2011
Slang for blow job or fellatio.
Terry really honed his California Duster skills when he lived in Fresno.
by Kipples July 27, 2007
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