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You pretend to be a big time movie/record producer. Promise unsuspecting female a big career, drive to the desert for sex and leave her.
Nicole went to LA with promises of a big music career and was duped into a california duster.
by J Rispoli July 16, 2006
30 10
California Duster Kal-y-fornia Duhs-ter
1. When one powders the ass crack (powdered sugar,flour) and farts in another person's face.

2. Similar to "Antiquing" but using the expelled gas from a fart to apply the powder.

3. AKA "Colombian Duster". Meaning cocaine is used to powed the ass crack.
My girlfriend asked me for a "California Duster' last night. So i powdered my ass and went for it.
by love0369 October 21, 2011
4 2
Slang for blow job or fellatio.
Terry really honed his California Duster skills when he lived in Fresno.
by Kipples July 27, 2007
12 30