1. A large, cavernous asshole similar to the caldera in a volcano; a hot, steamy, wide vagina


2.dropping a large and expensive item in public, due to physical weakness, causing extreme humiliation
1. Diarrhea erupted out of Erick's calderon like hot magma out of a volcano.

2. He was upset with himself after calderoning his second computer monitor in one year
by Einstein the 3rd August 30, 2008
Top Definition
someone who laughs and jokes with you then stabs you in the back to get you in trouble
I used be friends with that guy until he pulled a calderon. Next thing you know i lost my job
by the w1zard July 28, 2011
1. Large cauldron.
2. Boiler.
3. Current non-elected fraudulent mexican president.
4. The mexican version of George W.(C.) Bush (see also).
5. Puppet, illegitimate, bastard, mediocre.
6. Fecal (after FElipe CALderón).
7. One who privileges the army in spite of education, and exploits de poorest in favor of the highest classes; admits interference in sovereignity and protects delinquency.
8. One who uses hiltlerian tactics to get the power.
-I need someone who betrays México quick and easy. What do you recommend?
-Impose a Calderón.
by Netas June 26, 2007
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