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Calaveras County

Rural county located in the eastern foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It has lots of beautiful scenery but is unfortunately inhabited with many ignorant people. A great place to enjoy peace and nature. Not so great of a social scene. All in all, it's a nice place to visit.
R u going to Calaveras County? no way, and you better watch yourself- they don't like non white folk
by sandysmith23 March 02, 2011
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A county in California about 30 minutes east of Stockton, but nothing like Stockton, and is part of the foothills to the Sierra Nevadas. The countryside varies greatly from sparse oak trees to pine meadows with snow in higher elevation. There are a lot of drug problems including alcohol and methamphetamine. Many beautiful rivers, caverns, and rich historical sites and remnants reside in the county; even those of a disgraceful history of our treatment towards Native Americans and Chinese immigrants. Caves exist all over properties and there are even a few you can visit. It is easy to get bored living here since there are not a lot of things to do at night or in social atmospheres outside of the home. The people are interesting, many different groups, and you will be sure to get pulled over going faster than the posted speed limit. There are many back/dirt roads and small areas that are off the main roads. The FrogJumps is what we call our county fair and we actually jump frogs, not sure if we still do today but we did. Calaveras is a cool place, definitely can be boring, and the people who live here have a lot of pride and identity associated with the place.
I wanted to prove that people from Calaveras County can spell - unlike the two who posted before me.
by calaverasgirl January 09, 2010
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A county in's really small, really boring, and really gay. Lots of pot heads because there's nothing to do, and we get days out of school to celebrate a fair that jumps frogs. We have a pow wow which is a show for rocks, and lots of out county is just feilds. We have really curvy roads which we all drive like crazy on. It takes us a few minuets to get to a lake, but 45 to an hour to get to a mall, movie or anything fun. Lots of cows, cool sunsets, lots of deputies...yes deputies, that don't get us in trouble for shit. We all say dude, chick, awesome, man, weird, fag and yeah a lot.
calaveras county kid: Dude you wanna go to the Frog Jump and smoke some pot behind the bathrooms?
calaveras county kid2: what man? hahaha im so stoned
calavreas county kid3: yeah man, awesome!
city kid: wtf is a frog jump?
calaveras county kids 1, 2, 3:hahaha you're so lame
by chy October 24, 2005
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the other definition of this county is totally wrong and they dont know what they are talking about they are prolly depressed an need to go to the doctor, calaveras county is located about 1 and 1/2 hours east of sacramento, with small towns like Valley Springs and San Andreas. Alot of retirees come here to settle down in life and some of there kids hate it. But maybe those kids that bitch alot should just learn to drive, honestly calaveras county isnt that badd, it peaceful, quite, not as much crime as the city, if you hear badd things about it, its just from those little wanna be gangstas that think there from the bay area an never even seen the ocean, lots of people from the city like it up here an the driving is way easier then the city
Alot of these stupid kids in Calaveras county think there little gangsters and pose by saying words like thizz and ride the yellow bus, but really they are from calaveras and its not a thing to be shamed of.
by xeno1033 January 01, 2006
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