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Better than UC Berkeley in Engineering and Science, better than any other school in the nation in Architecture.
Cal Poly is the most underrated school in the west, and that is a good thing.
by The Architect May 16, 2004
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"Cal Poly" may refer to one of two universities:

*California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or Cal Poly SLO)

*California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona)
Graduate1: I got my degree in Architecture from Cal Poly.
Graduate2: Which one?
Graduate1: Pomona
Graduate2: Cool, I went to SLO for engineering!
by PolyArch April 07, 2010
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stands for California Polytechnic, officially designating the campus in San Luis Obispo (SLO), CA

Dollar for dollar one of the best deals for an education, over 90% of graduates have jobs or grad school within in year and it costs less than half that of a Berkeley undergrad degree.
UC Berkeley Student : OMG I GOT INTO BERKELEY I CAN SPEND ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE MORE MONEY FOR AN UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE. Well, at least they have wonderful research departments in underwater basket's worth it for sure!!

Cal Poly Student : Hmmm, I wonder what the Urban Dictionary page for cal poly says....why are there so many berkeley students ranting on here, man they must be compensating for something because I dont give a shit what the UC berkeley urban dictionary page says.


Cal Poly Student : you're stupidity is a testament to how poor of a filter uc berkeley's admissions poly is a FOUR YEAR UNIVERSITY AND IS THEREFORE NOT CATAGORIZED UNDER NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES PAGE. What a poor level of observation on your part as to how the U.S. News ranks colleges....and yet you're so willing to talk
by Cal Poly student May 15, 2010
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A CSU located in San Luis Obispo, far from the egotistical hippy cock-sucking enviornmentalist tree-hugging undegraduates at Cal that have ripped their parents on tuition, gained no practical education, and never talked face to face with a professor or industry.
Hi. I'm from Cal. I like to talk down to other universities using online dictionaries. I picked Cal Poly because they have excellent undergraduate programs in engineering, architecture, and agriculture. I am jealous of their practical approach to education and their small class sizes. I die a little each day I attend another 500 student lecture. I may be book smart, but I can't tell my mouth from my asshole.
by The Ass Hat April 24, 2006
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Best Engineering School on the West coast and maybe the U.S. Has the second best architecture program in the nation next to Harvard. Where all the smart people that realize that cal is a bunch of bullshit go, because we actually want to do something with our majors other than smoke weed and complain about Bush. Best place to go for most other concentration too over Cal, since cal wont let you in some majors until you are a Junior.( Have fun with GEs for 2 years).

Great Parties, and is located in San Luis Obispo which is 10 minutes from Pismo and Avila beach where the babes run wild.

Cal Poly's moto is learn by doing which is one of the greatest since half your classes will not be 500 people lectures, and yes, you do get involved with acutal things relating to your major! OMG! There is a strong emphasis on being envolved in groups and other clubs.

Cal Poly recently hosted the Polybot competition where freshmen and sophmores were shown how to build and program a simple racing robot that would follow a line around a black track.(Where else can a freshman do something that fun and cool)
You go to Cal Poly? Heard it's awesome there. Cal won't let me do computer engineering for atleast another year. fucken ass wipes.
by Félix Turgeon October 07, 2007
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One of the BEST school's in California. Where a 4.5 GPA student with perfect 800 SAT's in Math and Spanish, and a 2110 in the SAT reasoning, straight AP, minority, number 2 of 582 student goes after rejection from UC Berkeley.
The BEST architecture school in the state.
Go Mustangs!
Hey, I heard you got rejected from Berkeley.
Yeah, but I don't care! Cal Poly is soooooooooo much better! :D
by whathefucksup?! July 11, 2008
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"The Harvard of the West". An extremely underrated University located in one of the best cities in California. A university that accepts about 30% of applicants yet doesn't have it's head up its ass. Ranked the #1 Public University of the West. #3 highest average alumni salary, we can basically assume that it should be considered in the top 5 public universities in the nation.. The only college in CA that denies students that get into UC Berkeley. Easily better than UCD, UCI, UCSB, UCSC, UCR, and UCSD, Cal Poly is the place to be.
Im soo depressed, I got denied from Cal Poly SLO. I guess im headed to UC Berkeley then(Tear).

I wish I would have chosen Cal Poly over UC Berkeley, that way I could have had a more rational education involving hands on training. Oh well, I guess im just going to have to deal with learning through my TA rather than my professor.

by JahPoly March 03, 2009
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