(cake-in). verb. The act of excluding ones self from the group to converse with a significant other.
Johns over there cakin' again with that girl from last night. Who cakin'!?
by murphyz86 April 22, 2008
Top Definition
Tryna get at "mack" to someone.
Talking all day on the phone to someone.
Always seen talking to/Hollering at the same person.
Stop cakin to that girl, mayne.
Why you always cakin?
by s1parkle November 01, 2005
1.) Shacked up all day with your wife/girlfriend/honey.
2.) On the phone for hours on end ignoring everything around you
3.) Choosing not to kick it with your boys to be with a female
TBoy: Say lil Mookie. Lets go roll this swisha...
Mookie: Naw ma'an. Ima just kick it with *female*. I'll holla at u later
TBoy: Man you cakin NIGGA!!!
by TyffNi Leneá December 09, 2006
Talking to someone alot on the phone or spending too much time with them
Chris was cakin' all night wit Ashley!
by pimpjuice January 27, 2005
Verb; The act of throwing up, vomiting, yacking, puking etc. Usually due to excessive drinking and other forms of inebriation.
Dude1 "Ashley was drinkin like crazy last night, did you see her?"

Dude2 "yeah, did she cake?"

Dude1 "word, bitch was cakin everywhere. Type gross...ewwww"
by I'd Beat September 18, 2011
when a person's posterior be so fine, you would eat a delicious baked cake off of it.
She be cakin'
by The cake eater August 19, 2010
To talk with a prospective suitor and entice with excessive flattery and flirting.
Kamryn was cakin' Louis hard on the phone last night!
by Kichasa August 18, 2005
Cakin' cake~in - When a person is constantly caught with or talking to their boyfriend/girlfriend.
Are you on the phone with him/her? Damn, you still cakin'!

Friend 1: Where is Friend 2?
Friend 3: At the house cakin'.
by unorabbit April 23, 2006
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