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means to be with your boyfriend/ girlfriend and be all up on each other (lovey dovey.)

To be all into your spouse in a sweet way.

To talk really sweet to yo guy/girl .
where is john?
Oh he cakin it with stacey.

Baby you had me cakin with you over the phone.
by Samantha0206 July 01, 2006
when two people spend a lot of time together be ain't together.
person: you and deshawn sho have been cakin' it lately!
friend: But we ain't together tho.
by Astiachel December 23, 2004
when two people spend a lot time together but ain't together.
Sheniqua: you and dashawn sho have been cakin' it a lot.

Kiesha: but he ain't together tho, cause i still be cakin' it wit rodney.
by Astiachel December 28, 2004
Talking to a friend or significant other
She over there cakin it with.....
by Tracy Sutton March 23, 2007
to partake in little activity while under the influence of any narcotic. can also be recognized as, romping, mossing, or "kickin it"
them black folk just sat cakin it on that porch all day long
by kawa445 October 12, 2010
the state of being high. giggly and happy.
damn, shawty's cakin it.
by abakez April 23, 2010
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