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In Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events", the wealthy young villain Carmelita Spats insults the Baudelaire orphans by calling them cakesniffers. Presumably the insult is an antonym of "cake eaters", an insult reserved for rich, spoiled children (suggesting that they have their cake and eat it too). In calling the Baudelaires cakesniffers, the rich, spoiled Carmelita suggests that the (temporarily) destitute Baudelaires think longingly of her superior social position and wealth.
Get your hands off my Ferrari, you filthy cakesniffer!
by Ms. Paws February 15, 2007
A stupid insult used by Carmella Spats to insult the Baudelaire orphans in
A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Book 5
The Austraire Academy
Cakesniffers Living In The Orphan Shack!
by Scribbler April 09, 2005
An insult heard in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Everyone is trying to guess what it means, believing that it has something to do with cake, but I wanted to suggest that it might simply have been Lemony Snicket's way of censoring out the word "cocksucker" in his books.
Get your hands off my Ferrari, you filthy cakesniffer! (cocksucker)
by Hex Luther June 10, 2013
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