Someone who spends a great deal of time with some one they may or may not be interested in. This person can flirt without trying to hook up or may already be dating the person they are caking with. This person is engaging in flirtatious actions that include talking intimately up to but not including having sex (of any form).
Yeah I was on the phone with him last night, you know what a caker I am.

She was hugged up with him mighty close last night. What a caker.
by Angela Sherman April 02, 2008
Top Definition
A Canadian person of Anglo-Saxon descent. Similar to "cracker".
Cakers love hockey and beer.
by not a caker yo February 01, 2003
a word used by the young italian-canadian generation to describe canadian people. Cakers have a bad taste for food, music, fashion and overall lifestyle. People that have newfoundland accents and drink beer all day are definately cakers. Those who put ketchup on their pasta cannot be described by any other word other than caker.
I went over Brad's house the other day and saw him eating kraft dinner. I always knew he was a big caker!
by k_cazzo November 10, 2006
insulting name for Canadians, insinuating that they're dirty redneck trailer trash with beer bellies and a Ford truck full of weed.
Joe Johnson is a beer-sucking hockey-loving caker.
by GladI'mNotACaker March 07, 2005
A derogitory name for Canadian people originating from Italian immigrants, who called them "mangia cakes", meaning they eat cake.
I hate how caker's even made the insult "mangia cake" cakerized.
by Joe Galloro August 24, 2004
A derogatory term for a Canadian person of Anglo-Saxon descent. Cakers have bad taste for absolutely everything, including music, film, sports, food, style and the opposite sex. Cakers love and get drunk off cheap beer and put ketchup and maple syrup on almost anything they eat. Cakers are big fans of hockey and follow the sport religiously. Toronto is the Mecca of Cakers.
A: What is Eric doing today?
B: You know, the regular, play NHL and drink beer
A: Wow, what a caker
B: Total caker
by TowTruck December 31, 2012
A person who tends to smoke enough to classify it a job. An embarrassing title that someone should not be proud to call themselves. An obsession of smoking to the point where you can't quit. Something that someone shouldn't be happy with doing.
This caker talked about cake so much, it started to become less funny and more embarrassing that they were proud to be known as a caker.
by pumpkin987654321 January 17, 2012
someone who is always talking to either their significant other or whoever they are talking to at the moment on the phone. they always whispering and smiling when they talking to that person
he a caker, always on the phone with them girls.
by skwibelz July 19, 2006
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