1. A gay guy
2. Refers to the people who beheaded Queen Antionette (when she was about to be beheaded, rose her head and said "Let them eat cake")
3. random insult, like queer, idiot, or freak
1. Stop looking at those guys, you cake eater! You are supposed to like girls!

2. Those cake eaters beheaded the queen!

3. shut up you cake eater!
by ashley xx April 17, 2006
people who eat cake
look at that cake eater eating cake
a 1920's word used by college or college bound students to decribe a lower class young urban person.
There was a lot of cake eaters at the dance. They were generally better dancers than the collegiates.
by Bill March 08, 2005
Something that costs a lot of money and is non-essential or unattractive.
"Damn baby, those shoes are so ugly they ain't nothin' but cake eaters"
by Camus January 20, 2006
A rich guy who enjoys anal intercourse with poor black men.
I saw Stephen hanging out with ex-convict Tyrone last night. I knew that fag was a cake eater.
by Ian Bizzy December 22, 2003
A homosexual male. A double entendre because cake is not a particularly masculine food and cake eater kind of sounds like cock eater.
That boy is a cake eater.
by yo mama September 11, 2003
A person that eats pussy.
My girlfriend is a Cake Eater.
by Nikki July 20, 2004

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