A person or thing that constantly queefs and wont leave jamie or jordan alon, A cait waters usually complains about everything a Brian says and enjoys frequent trips to paris. A Cait waters believes that her grey hoddie is actually green and is a very sketchy girl.
Did you see cait queef last night?
by DOOM91 February 14, 2010
1. A person with no legs, no liver, and no face.
2. A sexual position where both involved are osculating with each others rectum cavities.
3. A harley that everyone rides
4. An idiot.
1. (Self-Explanitory)
3. Hey, everyone rides that Cait!
4. Hey, look at that Cait over there puking on herself!
by CunnyFunt March 12, 2008
failed succubus turned gilded cunt who posesses obscenely profane conformaty issues and severe infection of oral herpies
"Shaniqua is such a cait, she started hanging out with Paul and stole his petband and gave him that righteous sore"
by Mike December 02, 2004
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