Someone who is absolutely lovely! can be a bit quiet but is really nice, clever and a great friend :D
A: Awww you're so nice!
B: I can't help it... I'm Cait
by LizzieC! December 14, 2011
Top Definition
Cait, one of the nicest girls in the world. She is extremly sexy and has a huge rack. I love the times we spend together in my friends basement. If any of you have the cance to meet cait then ur very lucky.
Cait is so fricken hott.
by wouldentsheliketoknow April 23, 2005
Sexy, extremely friendly, risky yet cautious. Most wanted smile. ADDICTING, innocent,
I'm so jealous of all your Cait-ness.
by Amber Stiklera January 13, 2008
She is the center of every synchronized fapfest taking place in an online gaming community. Brazilian. Gamer. Car enthusiast. Undoubtedly the sexiest, not fake or slutty, woman to grace the internet. If you aren't attracted to her, you're crazy. Gay men would go straight for her, straight girls would go gay for her.
Cait is better than sliced bread.
by Arcturos2 July 13, 2009
caits are guiness loving, huged racked party goers who have a bad habit of flirting with other peoples boyfriends however on the plus side they can make a mean cheese on toast and have a habit of staying on facebook til the early hours
did that chick just down a guiness?
must of been a cait
by raaffstafarian February 14, 2010
1 - A person who is extremely promiscuous but in control of her herself doesn't matter how intense it gets.

2 - A short sexy chick that knows how to be a bitch and doesn't take crap from players
3 - to do a cait is to be all over a guy then when the moment is perfect and the boy knows he is going to score she gets up, puts her top and jeans on and walks out, leaving the boy horny and still dumbfounded at what just happened.
jake: how was you night, i saw u go off with that hot chick
sam: oh yea it was great but then she flipped and did a cait on me
by migit_monster December 29, 2009
To cait, is to

Get a person to sexual arousal then leave abruptly,
John: I was with this girl we were so close then she just left.
jake: She totally pulled a Cait.
by tatotherguy December 29, 2009
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