Cailyn is shy when you first meet her, but then when you get to know her she's really out there! She's fun to be around and loves to have a laugh. She likes to impersonate people and put on a really funny accent. Cailyn thinks she isn't beautiful, but to everyone else; she really is. She doesn't like to be left out of things and doesn't like people who try to manipulate her.
Who's that really funny chick over there? It's a Cailyn.
Wow, she's beautiful, what's her name? Cailyn.
#cailyn #fun #shy #laugh #accent
by WhoAreWe? March 31, 2012
Top Definition
cailyn's are absolutely amazing girls. they get along with anyone unless you get on their bad side. they are very athletic and keep things real. they also make great girlfriends. they are reliable and will listen tot anything you say. whenever you get the chance too, meet a cailyn!
i wish i was cailyn
#cailyn #amazing #athletic #reliable #girlfriend
by xoxabc August 21, 2009
An amazingly beautiful girl who not only has the looks, but an absolutely great personality to go with it. She's the best friend you could ever ask for, and she'll always be there for you through everything!
"Wow... that girl is gorgeous and what's surprising is that she's a really good person too!"
"Yep, that's Cailyn for you!"
#cailyn #amazing #gorgeous #best friend #great
by SylviaSummer January 04, 2010
1. cialis (as in, the erectile disfuntion pill)
2. dark master of the universe. will blow your mind, but nothing else.
3. a friend of a xanax or cornflower.
4. someone who is crass
1. ya, my boyfriend has e.d. so he took a cailyn before we had sex
2. i am cailyn, hear me roar!
3. oh, i'm such a cailyn and she's my xanax
4. ew, what a cailyn.
#loser #pill #xanax #cialis #crass #cornflower
by xanax January 03, 2008
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