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A person who cannot function without regular caffeine fixes. A person who drinks most of the coffee in the coffee room, leaving none for anybody else. A person who will borrow money or steal coffee just to get a fix.
"There's no coffee left, that caffeine whore drank it all."
by Jeanette February 16, 2005
someone who takes over 3 grams ov caffeine a day just to stay awake, you know the people who are so twitchy that they seem like 3 people when you look at them. Usually good at DDR and other gaming.
A) "did you see Zi0n_Freak yesterday? damn is he a caffeine whore"

b) "W00t! I gotz me about 10 grams of caffeine and a 4 day weekend, I am so gonna become a caffeine whore tonight!"

3) "We come here today to mourn the loss of _insert_name_here_, beloved friend and caffeine whore."
by i0.antichrist January 07, 2006