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A hacker group founded by offshoots of
Founded in late 2010 by a girl going by the moniker "Athena," the caelesti hack accounts of users on various forum sites and facebook, ddos & hijack websites and post personal information of targeted users; sometimes going as far as to shut down computers and even force people to commit suicide on camchat websites such as tinychat & chat roulette.
They have a hashtag notification system which they use to contact others from different sites. Many of the members go by names of Greek gods. Many of them stay fairly undercover, making sure rarely to use their real names, however it has been speculated that several of the members are affiliated with LulzSec. Their theme song is "Me and My Goons" by Plies.
Robert: "How did Michelle die?"
John: "The caelesti ruined her life and made her kill herself on cam."
Robert: "Those are some mean motherfuckers."
#caelesti #athena #olympia #ares #orion #reliquia
by Kyle Brovlovski October 29, 2011
1) Internet created word for heavenly; of the heavens or sky; celestial; divine; godlike; godmode.

2)A godlike online gaming guild.
1) I have reached a state of caelestis.

2) That guy must be from caelestis, he is owning it up.
#cael #cealestis #celestial #celestia #godlike #god #godmode #divine
by zzqqxx November 06, 2009
1. The name a computer geek, or n00b would use to attempt to sound individual or "different".

2. Accused of being the latin word meaning "god" or "god like" which is incorrect, although meaning god or god like, it actually means - fool of the ignoranus type.

3. Generally is the word which shows who will be living in their parents cellar at the age of thirty, with toothpaste on their nerd-con shirt.
" I pwned sum n00bs last night, i am caelestis! "
by Finbo August 15, 2005
a bunch of aspergers victims with room-temp iq's led by some faggot named keagan that fancy themselves hax0rs.
d00d, u wanna go jack off tonite?

no whey, d00d me and teh caelesti gonn go on gaia and p#u$k sum n00ds!11111111
#vv #gaia #homosex #faggot #caelesti
by surrealdeall December 29, 2011
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