1. in the U.S. Navy a Cadillac is a metal bucket on wheels where you put a mop in to get it wet. Hanging on top, a little over the interior, is a metal hand-operated squeegie. This combination is referred to as a "Cadillac" or sometimes a "Caddy".

2. a luxury car made in America. It's long been a status symbol for many people. Not quite as ritzy as the UK-made Rolls Royce, however.
1. Get a Cadillac out of the storeroom, fill it up with water then bring it over here and mop up this mess in this room.

2. At an auto show I saw the Smithereens perform and later that evening I was in the car and the band members also entered the vehicle to check it out.

3. "Looka that Cadillac" - Stray Cats

"Slick Black Cadillac" - Quiet Riot

"Pink Cadillac" - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
by Auto American May 17, 2009
An automobile known for its high-class reputation owned by old folks and colored people.
ex.1. " Margret, i believe we should purchase this 92 Cadillac becuase of its rear wheel drive dependability and low millage"
" i agree Cliff, i especially like the wheelchair hoist in the trunk"

(first black man)-"hey man, check out dat Caddi. that sho is one fine ride.
(second black man)-" tru dat nigga, dem 20's really shinin'. Bling bling fo shiz"
by Silb May 14, 2005
Ca·di·llac {ka-dee-lak}

1. A drink which is half coffee, and half hot chocolate.

Origin: This was made famous in jails and prisons, and is carried on "outside" as well. It tastes bomb. One of many various clever creations, that stems from lack of materials and the abundance of boredom. It shows part of the ingenuity of commissary use that comes with incarceration.

NOTE: In Jail adding any pain killers, BZDs(benzodiazepines), muscle relaxants, benadryl, nyquil, seroquel, anything you can get, in excess, makes jail syrup.
Chris: What you got in that mug Ricky, coffee?
Ricky: A Cadillac.
Chris: It's almost lights out man, you gon be able to sleep?
Ricky: Na, I got these somas and benadryl, bout to make some syrup, wanna get down on this?
Chris: Hell yea, I got two xanny bars and one adderall.
Ricky: Lets do this.
by PulpSatire January 28, 2011
Once a respected luxury GM carline which was all about excess. The glory days were before the late 1970s when quality declined. Old models had chrome, metal, and style. The entire line went to the crapper when EPA clean air regualtion destroyed the era of big V8 engines and leaded gasoline.

The line was pathetic in the mid 80s which cars like the Cimmaron which was a chevrolet cavalier with a few styling changes and caddi badges. The line's pathetic attempts to copy the Japanese were always 10 years behind.

For example, the dash controls of the line got to be good looking in the late 1990's after they started to copy what Lexus had done in 1990 with their LS400.

Cadillac has now gone to a new art and science theme to try to get yuppies to buy their cars since the baby boomers are going to experience a mass die off in the next 20 years or so.

If Cadillac did not try so hard to copy the Europeans and Japanese by building cars like they did in the good old days they would be on top again because Americans like American looking cars.
Buy a cadillac if you want to have a car that will depreciate 70% in the first 4 years.
by TruthandLIES January 21, 2005
Once classy brand which my doctor neighbor owned in the 80's but has now transformed and became popular amongst gangster wannabees and fat trashy girls named Autumn who wish they could afford one.

They have brought a bad name to the brand just because they want or WISH they owned one yet can't and will never be able to afford it...

Being associated with such trash Cadillac brand has now become a joke since the only people who like them now are gangstas, poor blacks from the hood or obese lesbian girls with their eyes set on Cadillac despite never being able to afford one.

Therefore, this brand has gained a bad reputation being associated with poor white trash and the brand has declined since white trash admires it.

Caddies have gone DOWN HILL.

The new models are for more well off people but still look like big boats- older models are popular amongst ugly fat gangsta wannabees named sonny and obese girls named autumn ( though they cant even afford old ones)

sonny said i wish i could own a cadillac but im too poor.. you forgot you also have no taste in cars.

Cadillacs have gone downhill since trash has started to like them.

by Clamhill May 06, 2008
Poor old Guineas wet dream
Cadillac: every goombas dream car
Lets go buy a caddy, get that one over there, 1979 big broken down caddy for 300 bucks.
Usual occupants behind the wheel of a caddy are 80 years old. In the cheap old caddy's you'll find black men behind the wheel.
I think that goomba wants a caddy to compensate for his penis size.
by thecatwhoatethemouse September 23, 2006
......no example necessary
by izthatso March 05, 2005

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