Once a respected luxury GM carline which was all about excess. The glory days were before the late 1970s when quality declined. Old models had chrome, metal, and style. The entire line went to the crapper when EPA clean air regualtion destroyed the era of big V8 engines and leaded gasoline.

The line was pathetic in the mid 80s which cars like the Cimmaron which was a chevrolet cavalier with a few styling changes and caddi badges. The line's pathetic attempts to copy the Japanese were always 10 years behind.

For example, the dash controls of the line got to be good looking in the late 1990's after they started to copy what Lexus had done in 1990 with their LS400.

Cadillac has now gone to a new art and science theme to try to get yuppies to buy their cars since the baby boomers are going to experience a mass die off in the next 20 years or so.

If Cadillac did not try so hard to copy the Europeans and Japanese by building cars like they did in the good old days they would be on top again because Americans like American looking cars.
Buy a cadillac if you want to have a car that will depreciate 70% in the first 4 years.
by TruthandLIES January 21, 2005
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A car which is bought with crack money, that must have D's thrown on it. Sometimes referred to as a bitch.
Just bought a Cadillac,
Throw some D's on that bitch!
by Argon Miller September 03, 2007
A General Motors brand of vehicle. Cadillacs, sometimes refered to as Caddys, are large, luxury vehicles. Models include the DeVille, ElDorado, CTS, Seville, EXT, and the popular SUV the Escalade.
Check out the phat Cadillac I'm rollin.
by Paul Wall May 20, 2003
The premier American luxury automobile manufacturer. Cadillac was considered the "Standard of the World" by 1908 and remained the pinnacle of automotove opulence and engineering excellence throughout the first half of the century. Owning a Cadillac was, and still is, synonymous with success.
Just bought a Cadillac.
by unfiltered101 March 26, 2007
A highly respected American car company that is bashed by ricers and nerds who think their small inline 6 and 4 engines can compare to Cadillac's well engineered V8s which are acclaimed one of the best engines in the world (Northstar V8. Look it up, ignorant ricers. Learn something about an automobile besides it's sound for once, please)
Jason's Cadillac DeVille DTS has a Northstar V8 that has 79 more horsepower and 68 more ft-lbs or tourque than Janet's similarly priced and competitive Mercedes Benz E320 V6 sedan.
by 03EscaladeAWD November 01, 2003
The best one of a group of the things
"The handicapped stall is the cadillac of the bathroom stalls."
by "Rerun" April 26, 2007
Noun: A large American made car known for it's impressive class, luxury, and V8 engines.

Verb: To be busting 5 knots styling on all other vehicles around you.
1. That cadillac sure is a classy ride, I wish I was driving that!

2. Let's go Cadillac this weekend in the ElDorado.
by 500ciV8 November 24, 2009
A cigarette longer than usual, usually a 100 but Virginia Slims are also referred to as this.
'Damn homie, let me hit that cadillac.'
by .:MiZZ BiG CHiEF.: March 29, 2008

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