Cactus, the ultimate in quality telephone-based harassment, has been around since the early 1990's. Cactus, as well as cacti, are, indeed, very sharp plants capable of terrible disfigurment and have been attributed to 2 deaths in Bosnia and 5 in The Ukraine. However, the word cactus used alone in a telephone call is not only confusing, but disruptive and annoying. Using the word cactus, one can baffle a foreigner in some far-off country like New Jersey at 2 a.m. or his driving instructor in person just as easily. Cactus has also morphed into the sub-cactus-counter-cultural-uber-1337 word, kaktuß.

Know the cactus. Be the cactus. Fear the cactus.
You: Cactus!
Them: Qur?
by Kyosti Nyyssonen February 03, 2005
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dead, not functioning
"this bloody washing machine is cactus"
by aenema August 16, 2003
A phylum of plants that has evolved to live in arid conditions.

If you're lost in a desert with nothing to drink, there can be up to a pint of water inside a cactus.
by robcraine November 23, 2005
a vagina covered in stubble
My penis got tore up by that catus last night
by Jamacian Jerkin January 23, 2003
Slang term for being really out-of-it; caused by being overly tired, stoned, hungover, or just generally spaced-out, etc.
Person 1: "Wait, what time did you say he was coming over again? I keep forgetting..."

Person 2: "Wow, I've told you like three times.... Cactus!"

Person 1: "Haha, yeah- I'm mad cactus."
by Marti P. B. July 05, 2009
the most fucking amazing plant ever
I'm a cactus
by teresa t-bag February 26, 2009
A spikey plant found commonly in deserts. Cacti when refering to more than one.
You walk into the desert an there are fairly tall green spikey plants, these are cacti. A cactus on it's own in a desert is near impossible.
by [Hidden for privacy reasons] December 17, 2011
Someone who gets alot of pussy, but is still thirsty for some reason.
"Yooo I need to get some bro!"

"Nigga you just had sex like a day ago.."

"I knowwww but Im still fuckin thirsty!"

"You a cactus ass nigga.."
by KenjiMishima June 23, 2014

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