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The effect of not having shaved your usually clean shaven testicles for enough time that they grow short unwanted stubs.
Man, I have cactus balls, and it itches like hell.
by DirtyMexcian September 28, 2010
8 0
When it has been a few days since a man has shaved his scrotum and the hair has grown out becoming prickly.
"Last night my man wanted me to suck his nuts and I told him, 'No way, it is time to manscape again. So until you do, I ain't puttin your cactus balls in my mouth!'"
by stitchmata April 21, 2013
2 0
When a girl gives you a peter panjob so good that your chode hairs stand straight up.
by Billy Handscrotch April 25, 2009
3 4