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Cabweon is a term for huge fucking idiots. Cabweon is a Synonym for Cameron but it's not a respectable Cameron, but more of a Cameron that everyone hates. Cabweons have a weird car fetish. Cabweons can't hold a conversation for more than 20 seconds without saying 240 or sr20. Cabweons love nissan more than life. Cabweons are known to grow up to be creepy uncles that actually hold no relation to their nephews and nieces but more just sleep with a lot of women and never grow up. Cabweons have especially large asses that are so big that they can actually in rare occasions own their own moons. Cabweons also drive like FUCKING IDIOTS and TAILGATE THE EVER LOVING SHIT OUT OF PEOPLE. Cabweons are extremely easy to upset because they are whiny little bitches. They love to cause problems for themselves as well. For instance, they drive like idiots and then complain about getting bad gas mileage. Cabweons are creepy ass mother fuckers. They are also huge flirts even when not wanting to be. Cabweons friends love their Cabweon to death... Literally. We plan on killing all of you. Fucking assholes.
"Hey, did you see that dude with the huge ass that had his 7 and a half inch penis in that s13's exhaust?"

"Total Cabweon."
by OneAngryHippie November 11, 2013
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