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Generaly an insult to woman meaning your man is cheeting on you, or in past tense you were being cheated on. Also used in a group of girl friends as fucker, bitch, ass-hole.
"Hi fucker, what you doing tonigt?"
"Valla cabrona, que vas a hacer esta noche?"

"Bitch, last night I saw your man with that slut."
"Cabrona, anoche vi a tu marido con esa puta"
by skullpr September 11, 2006
A bad-ass bitch!
A bad girl and knows it!
A girl that likes to tease guys!
A girl that likes to play (playgirl)
Yo soy una cabrona mas hecha!
by latinagirl73 May 15, 2007
A woman who is stubborn, independent and very opinionated. She tends to not care what the rest of the world thinks and would be considered a "badass bitch".
Girl: My boyfriend wants me to meet his parents but I really don't want to and I told him that I don't care what he says I'm not changing my mind

Mom: Hija no seas tan cabrona! (Daughter, don't be such a cabrona)
by dirtydeee March 12, 2011
In Perú, Faggot, Big-Faggot, Mocherfucker, Buttfucker, bitch, Dyke,

Tu eres un cabron de mierda.
You are a Fucking Faggot.

como te atreviste? Cabron(a) hija de puta!.
how dare you?? Dyke Son of a bitch!.

El cabro se murio solo.
The faggot died alone.
by Raoulper April 30, 2008
a woman who has been disrespected by her partner, be it a boyfriend, lover, or spouse. Cabrona is a word that MOST latino women would not like to be associated with and it is one of the LOWEST terms a woman would like to be called! to be a Cabrona (feminine) or a Cabron (masculine) simply means that you are being cheated on whether it is knowingly or behind your back....In spanish there is a saying, "te estan poniendo los cuernos" loosely translated means they are putting horns on you....
Te estan jugando como cabrona...poniendo te cuernos como cabrona
by BrOOklynGiRL June 25, 2012
A slut who wants to cheat on her boyfriend/husband etc.
Hey Cabrona! Come home with me and forget that puto!
by Nick P May 16, 2005
A "cabrona" is a girl or woman who is a slut. She messes around with different men and is bearly with her mate/husband etc. In many Latin American Countries, the word "cabrona" is highly insulting.
Español (Spanish): Esa cabrona esta afuera con otro chico.....otra vez!!!

Ingles (English): That slut is outside with another guy.....again!!!
by boricualoca223 June 03, 2007