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Something you pay $50 to get 60 extra channels you don't get. You might watch only 2-3 of the extra channels. So you basicly pay $25-$17 a month for the channels you are watching. Also used to get internet. Little kids, ussualy thow fits if they don't have it. You're better off without it.
1. I get 90 channels on my T.V!
2. I only watch ESPN
3. I have cable internet it's so fast!
4. Little kid: Boo Hoo :bawls: I :gulp: don't get :cries: cable :bawls:
by tviswasteful May 19, 2005
21 28
usually a word used by rich people or by jealouse poor people
i have unlimited cable and i am better than all those poor people over there with their dial up
by D'Arcy (i am soo not Irish) May 28, 2003
24 32
extremely thick and long cocaine lines
line me up a cable yo!
by asdf December 07, 2003
19 29
A crappy means of watching television, which gives you extra channels, although none are important and no one watches them, save for people who do nothing but watch TV, not even go online. It also costs far too much, considering the fact that it's not even that great.
Cable television is eating my bank account! I'm switching to satellite TV!
by Enn August 08, 2006
8 19
The next thing Lanzer will take over... Also good for watching porn.
NBC or the "adult" channel your parents won't let you watch.
by Chi and Alchemist Zeal June 04, 2005
2 13
better than 56k faster for downloading porn!!!
Little kids under 18 with no life wanking their dick to porn. AKA Rebirth
by Jason July 28, 2004
9 22
the size of your penis
I got A HUGE cable

WOW your cable is so big
by scottfree October 20, 2006
3 18