A system used for showing ads on people's televisions. Also known to turn people into lazy, fat bums while lowering their IQ teaching our society that the world revolves around Britney Spears. It requires a large monthly fee to function.
I wanted to pay an arm and a leg to become a complete shut in so I got cable tv.
by NewClear February 13, 2012
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Top Definition
Oversatured crap that is shoved right at us whether we like it or not and is very ignorant of people really like to watch. A lot of people rather watch something more intelligent than South Park, Family Guy, and Andy Griffith. We would like to see music videos, real comedians than this fake Jeff Duhman crap, not told that the world is going to end, and who gives a fuck about Hannah Montana. The quality stuff is on premium service (of course) or over the internet.
Nothing good on Cable TV...fuck five full hours of Bonanza reruns, lets turn on the internet.
by Kyle 230 February 09, 2010

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