(Philippine English)
A furniture equivalent to a dresser and sometimes closet.

Put my clothes inside my cabinet.
by Mr. Yoso June 28, 2012
Top Definition
Your crew. Your people. Your goons. Your posse. Your group of friends. Your conglomerates. People you just happen to be with.

You know how the president has his presidential cabinet? Your crew is your cabinet. They can also be referred to as your cab.
Person 1: "What are you up to?"
Person 2: "You know, just chillin' with the cabinet... What it is, what it does, what it be like?"
Person 3: Yeah yeah, with the cab.
by Saint City June 29, 2011
Where midgets live, according to R Kelly.
Not only is there a man in his cabinet...
But the man...

by Yaziyo March 05, 2008
A modern day storage solution made by fine craftsmen.
VanBeek's makes some beautiful cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms and everywhere in the house.
by VANBEEKS May 12, 2009
The 1950s diner version of milkshake. This term is generally used in New England, and especially in Rhode Island.
I would like a vanilla cabinet with my burger.
by JWC August 08, 2004
a group of the President's homies that tell him when he's making bad or good decisions
Francis Perkins was the first woman to be in the cabinet.
by PolySyFan February 07, 2011
a place in the kitchen where utensils and food are kept.
the cerial is in the cabinet
by boston-781 May 26, 2006
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