The feeling you get when you're ready to go out on the town a bit too early and you're sitting around at home waiting for your friends to come out to meet you, or waiting for the call to say, "It's partytime!"
Out of the shower, dressed, jacket on.
Itching to go! Nobody else is ready. Switch on the TV but watch without interest. Get up. Sit down. Look at your watch, check for SMS messages.. the Cabin Fever is setting in.
by CyberMunchy October 20, 2006
Having a body temperature above the normal 98.6 degrees fahrenheit, and simultaneously being unable to control the urge to build things out of Lincoln Logs.
Dave: "Oh my God! I have a temperature of 102, and I can't stop building things out of Lincoln Logs!"

Jeff: "That sucks, dude. You must have Cabin Fever."
by Jeff Seesselberg November 28, 2006
Okay movie where these idiot college grads go to a cabin and get sick. The only redeeming qualities of this movie are the comedy and the brunette chick who gets naked a few times and shows her boobies.
Some of the comedy in Cabin Fever:

preppy college grad: why the hell are you shooting squirrels?

redneck college grad: because theyre gay


preppy college grad @ the convenience shop: whats the gun for?

owner of the convenience shop: niggers


black guys at the convenience shop: yo? sup dawg? wheres our gun?

owner of the convenience shop: whassup my niggers? your guns right over here!
by White Sox Rule June 04, 2004
Title of one of Rasputina's albums.
Released in 2002.
If you like cello rock music with female vocals, check out "Cabin Fever" by Rasputina, it's a good album.
by Five January 07, 2005
An old porno. Haven't personally seen it, but I heard it was good.
Man, have you seen cabin fever, that chick has huge tities.
by Ademan February 01, 2005
a stupid ass movie where squirrels are gay and people steal snickers soley for the nougat
"Why on earth would you steal a snickers?"
"For the nougat"
by apples January 15, 2004
when a bunch of white people get stuck in a cabin usualy resulting in gay sex
"Yo, i got cabin fever and it was WAAAAACKKK"
by Colby November 18, 2003
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